Larry Kiest, Jr. - CEO/President

In Grown Farms' Managing Director and CEO, Larry Kiest, Jr., is an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur who has worked in the trenchless utility industry for more than 30 years and has grown as an internationally respected leader and educational speaker. Larry has authored 4 issued ASTM standards, and he is the inventor of more than 150 issued patents in numerous commercialized countries. Under Larry's leadership and the desire to help people who are in need, In Grown Farms continuously strives to advance its abilities and provide the highest quality products available in Illinois.

Shelly Flanery - Chief Operating Officer

Shelly brings proven product design and corporate management techniques to In Grown Farms and the medical marijuana industry. As our Chief Operating Officer, Shelly ensures compliance while advancing IGF's programs for future growth and business development opportunities. 

Mike Weiss - Facility Manager

Mike is a dedicated manager who goes the extra mile every day by running a tight ship and promoting safety, quality, care, and respect for the IGF team, and ultimately all for the benefit of Illinois patients.